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Lebanon, a Middle Eastern country of over 6 million inhabitants, around ¼ of whom are refugees from Syria, is home to an emerging digital economy and has a rich tradition of providing its youth with technical and vocational training programmes.

In recent years, these trainings have failed to meet employment needs due to new technological developments.

As a result, Codi and Simplon are striving to provide more relevant opportunities to promote the professional insertion of Lebanese youth.

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Simplon in BeirutLebanon

IIn October 2017, Simplon partnered with Codi - our first partner in the Middle East region - to launch an inclusive coding school in Beirut, Lebanon.
Codi’s training programme is a combination of a coding bootcamp and a leadership course, and is the first programme to foster digital education for underprivileged youth in Lebanon.
As with all factories Powered by Simplon, Codi’s programme is free, open to everyone, and does not require any prior technical skills.
It primarily targets youth that are out of work, as well as populations that are under-represented in the digital sector.
Codi’s first cohort began training in October 2017, and since then, 3 more cohorts have successfully completed the programme.
In total, 73% of Codi’s graduates are now employed.

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You can apply for the next session at codi


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