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socially-conscious digital factories is a network of social digital factories that offer free, intensive courses in digital professions in France and abroad.


At the heart of’s work are courses in technical digital skills and hard-to-fill occupations for people alienated from work with a goal of male/female parity as well as for employees in need of reskilling or upskilling. We firmly believe that digital transformation is a powerful vehicle for social innovation and that it can enable those who struggle to access training and/or the job market, to become the talents of tomorrow, by finding a job or becoming an entrepreneur. There are several ways to deploy abroad, depending on local market needs and situations. We can either decide to opened factories directly in the country or we can choose to rely on existing local organizations, in the form of a social franchise or knowledge partnership. 

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Our Engagements

We are a socially-conscious business with strong commitments in terms of limited profitability, participating governance, and wage differentials .
​​​​​​​We are part of the social economy network in France. More specifically, we are involved in solidarity projects with other cooperatives and organisations, such as Emmaus or MedNum. Our ecosystem also includes : Ashoka (membership within their network since 2015), la Grande Ecole du Numérique, of which we are the largest labeled network, La France S’Engage (as winners of the first promotion in 2014), and Mouves and France Eco Sociale Tech (FEST).
​​​​​​​ also joined in 2020 the United Nations Global Compact.
Simplon is certified via the Lucie 26 000 Label, a guarantee of our commitment to Social Responsibility.
Created in April 2015, Simplon.Prod designs and develops digital tools for solidarity projects.
Resolution inscribed in the DNA of, it supports associations, inclusive project stakeholders, and NGOs in their development and digitalisation.
The Simplon Foundation Endowment Fund, created in 2019, is both a collector and a redistributor.
It enables the funding of pilots and accelerates the promotion of inclusive digital. ​​​​​​​

Our story

Simplon's network of factories

​​​​​​​The Simplon Pedagogy 

At Simplon, we aim to engage our students as much as possible in their training and to encourage them to take active responsibility for their learning, thanks to a specific pedagogical approach. For learn more, watch this introductory video of the Simplon Pedagogy


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