Simplon and Kinshasa Digital in the Democratic Republic of Congo ​​​​​​​

A giant in Central Africa rich in raw materials, the DRC now wants to rely on digital technology as an engine of growth and employment to accelerate the country's economic development. 

At a time when digital technology promises to be an important lever for the development of the Democratic Republic of Congo, human capital is essential to support public institutions and private companies in their digital transformation. Faced with these realities, the Kinshasa Digital Academy offers practical training solutions in line with the needs of companies and public institutions. 

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Kinshasa Digital Academy is a digital school of the network that offers intensive and certified training in the digital business. The first training centre of its kind in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Kinshasa Digital Academy aims to identify, train and professionally integrate young enthusiasts. 

Two training courses were launched in January 2020: Web and Mobile Developer and Digital Referencing. More than 1000 people have applied for the first training cohort of the Kinshasa Digital Academy. 40 learners were selected, 40% of whom were women.

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o find out more about training programs in DRC and to apply, you can follow the calls for applications on the Kinshasa digital  website

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Jean-Louis Mbaka
Directeur de Kinshasa Digital Academy

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