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With an unemployment rate of over 16%, the integration of young people and women into the labour market is a crucial issue in Senegal. For the government, and with the "Senegal 2025" plan, digital inclusion has become a priority, aiming to equip the country with modern digital infrastructures and facilitate the creation of 35 000 jobs by 2025. While the digital economy  already represents 8% of national GDP, there is still a huge digital skills gap. Training in digital professions opens up promising prospects for the future, whatever the sector of activity.

Key figures


People trained or in training since the opening in the country 


Women in our trainings ​​​​​​​


Of trainees are under 35 years old 

Simplon and Sonatel Academy in Senegal

Simplon  set up in Senegal in 2017, in partnership with Orange, through the creation of a franchised code school: the "Sonatel Academy". With the support of the Société Générale Foundation and the Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie, a second factory has opened its doors in 2018. In 2 years, more than 300 students have been trained in digital professions, with a positive graduation rate of more than 75%.In order to spread its impact throughout the country, to audiences far from employment and impacted by the digital revolution, Simplon is multiplying its activities and partnerships in Senegal. For example, the Women in Tech and Simplon Kids programmes have enabled 50 women and 400 children to become digitally literate in 2019. Our objectives: to anticipate new professions, facilitate and maintain employability, and provide tools for change management in companies. 

Registration for training courses

To learn more about the training programs in Senegal and to apply, please follow the calls for applications on the social networks of Simplon and its partners in Senegal : 
Simplon AUF Dakar
and Sonatel Academy​​​​​​​


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