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In the last quarter of 2021, Senegal had an estimated unemployment rate of 24.5%. Therefore, it is crucial to act at the local level to facilitate the integration of young people and women into the labour market. This is why the Senegalese government has put in place the "Senegal 2025" plan, which makes digital inclusion a priority. This plan aims to provide the country with modern digital infrastructure and to facilitate the creation of 35,000 jobs by 2025. Although digital technology already represents 8% of the national GDP, technological skills are still rare in Senegal. Thus, training in digital professions opens up great prospects for the future, regardless of the sector of activity.

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To find out more about the training programmes in Senegal and to apply, please follow the calls for applications that we post on our pages: @SimplonSenegal

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Simplon Senegal multiplies
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In order to spread its impact throughout the country, among people who are far from employment and affected by the digital revolution,
​​​​​​​Simplon is increasing its activities and partnerships in Senegal. In this sense, specific programmes such as Simplon Kids and SAS Women In Tech (exclusively for women) have enabled 400 children and 200 women to be acculturated and initiated respectively since 2018. 
Our objectives can be summed up as anticipating new professions, facilitating and maintaining employability, and providing companies with tools for change management. 

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Workshop P4 dev web & Mobile + P5 Digital Referent on: "how to boost your professional integration".

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Kids training for the children of the Daaray Serigne Saliou orphanage in Kounoune, Dakar, Senegal.

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8 March, John F. Kennedy High School girls'training.

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