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In Ivory Coast, the cyber criminality is really widespread and lead to lot of problematics for the country and the government. For a few years now, the country is imposing his leadership on the African digital economy and the sector represents 8% of the country’s GDP. Even if the government is working on developing the digital sector and infrastructures, there is still a lack of broadband connectivity ; digital skills ; digital materials etc. Simplon is working on investing  in digital training, to increase  the share of digital in the GDP and also the digital professional integration.

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Based on the observation of the difficulties of integrating Ivorian youth into the digital environment due to a lack of skills, Simplon has established itself in Ivory Coast thanks to Raïssa Banhoro.

MTN Foundation, willing to support education in Ivory Coast , joined the project and a second factory was thus implemented.  Simplon in Ivory Coast  now has 48 young Ivorians trained and professionaly integrated. In a few figures, Simplon in Ivory Coast this is 988 people sensitized to digital, including 290 children, 230 women and 17 people with disabilities.

Our mission is to participate to the digital sector development in the country by giving the opportunity to young people to increase their digital skills and to increase their employability.

Registration for training courses

To find out more about training programs in Côte d'ivoire and to apply, you can follow the calls for applications on Simplon's social networks in Côte d'ivoire Facebook  and on the website


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