A network of socially-conscious digital factories

We are a network of digital factories in France and abroad.
We have trained more than 7,180 trainees in the digital sector since 2013. 


Network of Factories

Simplon went international in 2014 when a graduate from our first training course in France returned to her home in Romania to open our first factory outside of France. Today we manage digital factories in 18 countries across four continents. We offer free and intensive digital training courses to underprivileged individuals, while adapting our activities to local job markets.


Key figures

7 180

Simplonians in the world


Factories opened in France and abroad

Our Engagements
A participatory governance

This includes:
- A committee of stakeholders, bringing together Simplon.co’s key partners from local communities, businesses, state services, professional branches and their joint bodies for the collection of funding for trainings, Simplon.co factory project leaders, employee representatives, and alumnis; 
- An Executive Committee, which brings together employees from Simplon.co (Impact Units, centers of expertise, and the whole team) with the executive co-founders and general managers;
- A Strategic Committee composed of Simplon.co’s shareholders; 
- External actors not involved in operational or shareholder management, such as the Simplon Foundation’s Accompanying Committee and Executive Committee.

Our story

Simplon's network of factories

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Mafraq, Jordan

On July 25th, 2019, we welcomed our first cohort to our new training programme, in partnership with Chams, in Mafraq, Jordan! Of our 25 new trainees, 44% are Syrian refugees, 44% are women, and 100% of them are ready to become web developers!

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 Amman, Jordan

June 27th, 2019 was the opening of our partner factory, Orange Coding Academy, in Amman, Jordan! Of the first cohort’s 50 trainees, over 40% are women. In total, we received over 5,000 applications from Jordanian youth (18-30 years old).

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Tunis, Tunisia

In 2019, Simplon opened its first factory in Tunis. It aims at training 20 jobseekers in the profession of web & mobile developer and thus contribute to the development of qualified human capital and the inclusion of a public far from employment. 

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Pune, India

In 2019, Simplon in partnership with Capgemini started two inclusive factories in Pune and Mumbai. The Pune factory, is residential and 100% female, and the other in Mumbai, targets youths far from employment from the region.

Our main programs


These programmes aim to raise awareness about digital skills, coding skills, and new technologies in a fun way for children and young people, with the goal of fostering a more inclusive society.
For Simplon Romania, this program is an essential part of their work, so they have developed a large number of initiatives in this area. For instance, during the month of October 2018, Simplon Romania initiated workshops for over 1,400 children involved in various projects such as courses, workshops, and science fairs. They participated in Digital Kids Cluj classes, Girls&Code workshops, Code Kids fairs, the #SuperCoders project, and more…

Women in Tech

There are less than 30% of women in the digital sector, of which only 20% are in managerial positions and 16% in technical positions. Simplon promotes gender equality in all its training programmes. So far, our classes are 36% women, and our goal is to reach 50% by 2021. In addition to this, Simplon is encouraging more women to discover the digital ecosystem, acquire basic digital skills, and discover new job opportunities through its “Women in Tech” bootcamps.
In November 2018, Simplon-AUF@Dakar launched its first “Women in Tech” bootcamp in Senegal. We received more than 350+ applications for four classes of 25 young women!

Social and Solidarity

We are a socially-conscious business with strong commitments in terms of limited profitability, participating governance, and wage differentials. Here, the highest-ranking employees cannot earn more than 10 times the minimum wage, and the 5 highest salaries cannot surpass 7 times the minimum wage. Simplon.co supports associations, inclusive project stakeholders, and NGOs in their development and digitalisation. We are also members of the Sociétés Coopératives d’Intérêt Collectif (SCIC) group which carries out inclusive projects including: le label Emmaüs, the online shop of the Emmaus network; or MedNum, a collective of stakeholders in digital mediation that continuously works towards a more inclusive digital society. Our ESS ecosystem also includes: Ashoka (membership within their network since 2015), La France S’Engage (as winners of the first promotion in 2014), and Mouves.


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